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de to follow〓 us on Insta●gramPlease scan t■he QR Code to fo●llow us on WechatSo 〓the opening cerem◆ony of the Games is■

set for Fr●iday, with mos◆t contests star◆ting the f◆ollowing day. But in● order to ○accomodate a full s■chedule of events, s●ome competitions■ need to start ●early -- women's foo●tball being one of ●them. And the Ch○inese wome◆n's team who are ret○urning to the?/p>

?Games after an 〓eight year ab●sence open up th■eir campaign ■Wednesday a●gainst the ho〓st na

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tion.China'○s women's football p○repare for◆ games in RioC●hina's women's footb■all prepare

for game〓s in Rio08-02-201●6 11:02 BJ●TThe opening cer●emony of the■ Olympic Games is● set for F●riday, with mos■t contests starting ■the followi〓ng day. But to a■ccomodate a full ◆schedule of eve●nts, some co◆mpetitions■ need to start early〓—women&rs●quo;s football● being one of t■hem. And the Chi◆nese women&●rs

quo;s team who 〓are returning t●o the Games after a●n eight year ab○

y ha〓s many nicknames, it●

sence open up t〓heir campaign We〓dnesday aga■inst the host n○ation.It could be a● daunting

tas〓k for Brun●o Bini&rsquo●;s team to play a◆gainst Brazil at t●he Olympic ○Stadium. The squad ■trained Monday to p●repare for the footb■all opener.&nb■sp;China has reco●rded a series of enc〓ouraging result●s since Bini took ○over, beating world● champion the Unite●d States 1-●0 in New Orleans in○ December, the first■ game in a 13-match■ unbeaten run〓, but they s●uffered back-to-◆back defeats ag●ainst France and Ca■nada in Paris in 〓July. Despite t■he losses,〓 the Chinese○ women remai●n optimistic ahead o〓f the match against● Brazil on Wednesda〓y, two days bef○ore the formal ope●ning of the Game〓s.“I&rsquo○;m happy th■a

t I can compete■ at the Rio Olym■pics. I hope we can○ show the ■spir

is also as ●referred to as

it of Ch●ina’s wom●en football on t●his stage. We ar○rived in Rio July ◆30, so we are

us●ed to the c〓limate here. No◆w the only● thing in my min■d is the opening■ match against B◆razil,” ◆said China Capta■in Li Dongna.Please◆ scan the QR C●ode to follow◆ us on InstagramPl●ease scan t◆he QR Code to◆ follow us on W◆echatSo the openin◆g ceremony of t◆he Games is set f●or Friday, wit●h most conte○sts starting ◆the follow■ing day. But in o○rder to accomoda〓te a full schedule o●f events, some com●petitions need● to start ea●rly -- women's footb○all being one o◆f them. And th●e Chinese women's t◆eam who are ○returning to the G〓ames after an ei●ght year ab●sence open up their■ campaign Wednesday ■against the ho■st nation.China'●s women's footba●ll prepare○ for games in ◆RioChina's women'◆s football

prepare ◆for games in Rio○08-02-2016 ○11:02 BJTThe ope◆ning ceremo●

he ◆s


ny of the Olympi●c Games is set f◆or Friday, with mo○st contests◆ starting the fo●llowing day. But to〓 accomodate a full ◆schedule o■f events, som○e competitions■

need to start〓 early—wom〓en’s foo◆tball being one○ of them. And th〓e Chinese w●omen’s team● who are return〓ing to

the Gam●es after an e■ight year absence◆ open up thei○r campaign W●ednesday agains〓t the host na●t

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ion.It could be a◆ daunting task for◆ Bruno Bini&r■squo;s team ●to play again○st Brazil at ■the Olympic ■Stadium. The squa●d trained Monday to ●prepare for the f●ootball opener.&nbs●p;China has r●ecorded a series● of encouraging res◆ults since Bini ◆took over,〓 beating w■orld champi○on the Unit〓ed States 1-■0 in Ne

for Saturday a

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w O●rleans in Dec●ember, the first g●ame in a 1◆3-match unbeaten● run, but they suf●fered back-to-b◆ack defeats against ■France and C〓anada in Paris in ○July. D

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